A New Line of ‘Boutique’ PS5 T-Shirts Costs Significantly More Than The Console Itself


High-fashion luxury brand Balenciaga has partnered with Sony to release a line of PS5 t-shirts that each cost more than what you’d pay for the console. The Balenciaga PS5 t-shirts each run $675, while the hoodie in the same line will cost you $875.

And what’s so special about these t-shirts to warrant the high price tag? Can you load your PS5 library of games onto them? Do they feature haptic feedback woven into the threads? Are they in 4K at 60fps? Sadly, no. They’re just t-shirts, and rather boring ones at that. You’re paying for the brand name and little else.

The Balenciaga PS5 t-shirts look like promotional shirts that would have been available at the PS5 product launch. The 100% cotton tees simply feature the PS and PS5 logo, with “Nov 2020” written underneath. The back adds the Balenciaga logo, “Nov 2020 Collection,” and the PlayStation shapes. The sleeves are flanked with the shapes and the Balenciaga logo (written in the original PlayStation font). The hoodie features the same rather dull designs. And in a very odd color choice, you can either get the shirts in black with white text, or red with black text, because nothing screams PS5 like an obnoxiously red shirt. (The hoodie only comes in black and white.)

balenciaga ps5 shirts expensive overpriced

There also seems to be very limited availability for the PS5 shirts right now. Only certain sizes are available. Whether the other ones are sold out or not creates some questions around who—if anyone—is buying these shirts at these prices.

With the digital PS5 retailing for $399 and the standard disc version at $499, you could nearly buy two consoles (or a console a bunch of games and accessories) for the price of one of these shirts. Thinking about that hoodie? For that price, you could get a decent 4K TV to display your new console on. In fact, you can probably pick up a PS5 from a scalper for less than what it would run you to pick up one of these shirts. But hey, does your PS5 say Balenciaga on it? I didn’t think so.

For an actually affordable line of stylish looking PlayStation gear, check out Numskull’s PlayStation lineup. Their upcoming suite of PS5 gear, titled the PlayStation Core Collection, includes some t-shirts, a hoodie, and more products that are far more appropriate to the design sensibilities and themes of the PS5. These are officially licensed products, and Numskull makes quality apparel that we’ve consistently been impressed with. And best of all? They’ll each cost you less than the price of a brand new AAA game and you aren’t just pouring money into the coffers of some highfalutin luxury designer who is going for “lazy promo t-shirt chic” as the latest fall fashion.

[Source: Balenciaga; Via: Input]

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