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A Spider-Verse Game May Be in the Works From Insomniac

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According to leaked documents from a ransomware attack against Insomniac Games, the studio may be working on a Spider-Verse video game.

Earlier this week, hackers announced that they had obtained employee data as well as information about various projects (via Cyber Daily). Since then, the group has released an image of some of its collected data, including screenshots from Insomniac’s upcoming Wolverine game, as well as some information that lists what the studio is working on.

As first spotted by users on Reddit, Insomniac Games is listed as working on three upcoming projects, including something called “RCE,” “Spider-Man 3,” and “Spider-???.” The images also contain text that reads that there is “additional support for Spider-Verse” being done by some employees.

Something from Insomniac leaked documents that could be a hint to a Spider-Verse game.
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Fans already speculating on what game it could be

The news has quickly led fans to speculate on just what “Spider-Verse” project Insomniac Games could be working on. Rumors spread that it could be a multiplayer of some sort, as Insomniac Games is confirmed to be working on a multiplayer game alongside Wolverine. However, due to the nature of the documents and how they were obtained, it’s unlikely the studio will be speaking on the matter.

Although it’s unclear, hints of the Spider-Verse did appear in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, including in one of the larger side missions of the game which involved collecting Spider-bots that appeared throughout the world. By the end of the mission, Spider-Man returned the bots to their rightful home, which happened to be another universe that briefly pops up.

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