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Alan Wake 2 Dev Explains How Remedy is Making So Many Games

Alan Wake 2 Dev Explains How Remedy is Making So Many Games

Remedy Entertainment is not only on the cusp of releasing Alan Wake 2. That is seemingly just the beginning, as the team has multiple titles in production from a cooperative Control game to a free-to-play multiplayer title. It’s a lot for one studio, but creative director Sam Lake spoke about how Remedy is tackling all of these projects.

Remedy has been growing over the years

These projects include another Control game called Codename Heron, a cooperative game in the Control universe called Codename Condor, a free-to-play multiplayer game codenamed Vanguard, remakes of Max Payne 1 and 2, and DLC for Alan Wake 2, all of which sit on top of Alan Wake 2 itself, which is in its home stretch. Lake stated in an interview with PlayStation LifeStyle that the studio has grown to about 400 of people, 130 of which were on Alan Wake 2. He said it was complex and spoke a little about the process.

“There are other teams at Remedy working on other projects, and Alan Wake for a while now has been the one that has been in full production mode,” said Lake. “The others are still in concepting, pre-production, or in other phases where the team size hasn’t been built to the maximum production level yet. The plan is to have them in different phases and so when people get off from this, they go to other teams to help them out as well.”

When asked about how that applied to himself, he said he’s been “fully” on Alan Wake 2 and will go on a break sometime after it hits digital storefronts. He noted that he was going to try to avoid burning out and will assess what his next project is after his return, but he will be involved in the upcoming Alan Wake 2 DLC.

“I’ve been really, really fully on [Alan Wake 2] for multiple years,” said Lake. “I have loved working on this. I’ll be involved in the DLC coming up, and then I think I’m going to take a bit of a vacation. It’s been a lot of work for quite a while. And then coming back, we’ll see what makes sense. I’m trying to [avoid burnout].”

Remedy hasn’t spoken much about Alan Wake 2’s post-launch roadmap, only noting that it would get free DLC and two premium expansions called Night Springs and the Lake House.

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