Alan Wake 2 Development Is Going Well but Remedy Has Canceled Plans To Show It off This Summer


Development on Alan Wake 2 is going well, but don’t plan on getting any big news about it soon. Despite promising that it’d show off Alan Wake 2 this summer, Remedy Entertainment has reneged and is now declining to do so. However, we did get a few shots of concept art to tide us over for now.

No Alan Wake 2 info is coming this summer

Remedy Creative Director Sam Lake, Alan Wake actor Ilkka Villi, and Alan Wake voice actor Matthew Poretta hosted an anniversary update stream celebrating the series. They spoke briefly about Alan Wake 2 and explained that development was going well and that a big chunk of it is already playable. However, the team decided they’d rather spend the time it would take to create a trailer or demo working on completing the game. Development has picked up speed, and Remedy wants to keep that momentum going. The bottom line is that the devs don’t want to shift into marketing mode until the time is appropriate.

Lake stated:

We want to make sure that we are creating the best possible experience, the best, first survival horror game for Remedy. We don’t want to pivot the team away from that focus to work on a demo right now.

This isn’t Remedy’s first attempt to make Alan Wake 2 a reality. While the studio wanted to move on to a sequel after Alan Wake was released, Microsoft wasn’t interested and instead encouraged them to try something new, which resulted in Quantum Break. The studio attempted to return to the idea around 2017, but it didn’t pan out. However, the success of Control led more people to discover Alan Wake, and the positive response to its remaster and Control’s AWE DLC signaled it was finally time to buckle down.

No release date has been announced for Alan Wake 2, but it sounds like we’ll be seeing it sooner rather than later.

In other news, Fall Guys is rumored to be going free-to-play, and a revised model of PS5 has been registered in Japan.

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