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Aliens: Fireteam Elite Trophy List Seems Like a Grind, but at Least Season Updates Will be Free

When Aliens: Fireteam Elite appears on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 next week, it will come with four campaigns and a challenge card system to add a twist every time these campaigns are replayed. It seems like those alterations will come in handy for those wanting to get the game’s Platinum trophy because the list on Exophase seems like a bit of a grind.

There are 43 trophies in total, including a Platinum trophy. The list involves completing all four of those campaigns on the hardest difficulty, levelling up many weapons and kits, collecting lots of items, and eliminating many enemies in a variety of ways. Completing a mission on the highest difficulty without any friendly fire will also involve plenty of communication between teammates, so make sure to bring trusted friends or family along for the ride. The following list tells you exactly what to expect with relatively few spoilers.

Aliens: Fireteam Elite Trophy List

Aliens: Fireteam Elite Platinum Trophy

  • Ultimate Badass – Obtain all Trophies.

Aliens: Fireteam Elite Gold Trophies

  • Reticulum Theater Medal – Finish all campaigns on Insane Difficulty.
  • All My Personal Friends – Level 30 weapons to four stars.

Aliens: Fireteam Elite Silver Trophies

  • My Kind of Crazy – Finish a mission on Insane Difficulty.
  • LV-895 Campaign Medal – Finish all campaigns on Extreme Difficulty.
  • CMISRS Asset – Return 39 pieces of intel.
  • Keen Eye – Open 50 hidden caches.
  • Overwhelming Confidence – Complete 25 successful Challenge runs.
  • Kitted Out – Level five Kits to Rank 8.
  • Fully Rigged – Fill every slot in a perk board.
  • Ready for Anything – Collect 25 attachments.
  • Express Yourself – Collect 20 emotes.
  • It’s a Cover, Not a Hat – Collect 20 hats.
  • Art Gallery – Collect 40 decals.
  • It’s Camouflage on Some Planet – Collect 40 colorways.
  • Supportive Squad – Complete 50 missions without anyone being downed.
  • Trigger Discipline – Complete a mission on Intense Difficulty or above without anyone taking friendly fire damage.
  • Suturing Expert – Heal your fireteam with an aid kit 100 times.

Aliens: Fireteam Elite Bronze Trophies

  • Priority One – Finish Campaign 1
  • Giants in the Earth – Finish Campaign 2
  • The Gift of Fire – Finish Campaign 3
  • The Only Way to be Sure – Finish Campaign 4
  • Didn’t Break a Sweat – Finish a mission on Intense Difficulty.
  • A Stand Up Fight – Finish a mission on Extreme Difficulty.
  • Expeditionary Service Ribbon – Finish all campaigns on Standard Difficulty.
  • Lv-895 Service Ribbon – Finish all campaigns on Intense Difficulty.
  • Confidence Course – Do a successful Challenge run.
  • Specialist – Level a Kit to Rank 8.
  • A Personal Friend of Mine – Level a weapon to four stars.
  • Glorified Toasters – Eliminate 1000 synthetics.
  • Anti-Mutation Station – Eliminate 300 pathogen.
  • It’s a Bug Hunt – Eliminate 10000 xenomorphs.
  • Those Things Were Huge – Eliminate 2000 elite enemies.
  • Burn ‘Em Out – Kill 1000 enemies with fire.
  • High Voltage – Kill 1000 enemies with electricity.
  • Nukes, Knives, AND Sharp Sticks – Equip three attachments on a single weapon.
  • State of the Art Firepower – Collect one attachment of every type.
  • Fashion Team – Change your hat and outfit.
  • Red Makes It Shoot Faster – Equip a colorway and decal onto a gun.
  • Tower Defense – Use 500 consumables.
  • I Think They Like Me – Get grappled five times in the same mission.
  • Got All I Need – Complete a mission without using aid kits, ammo crates, or consumables.
  • Improvised Explosives – Kill 50 enemies with explosive barrels or pods.

At least things will be kept relatively fresh with free post-launch content arriving at some point after Aliens: Fireteam Elite‘s release on August 24. Cold Iron Studios’ Creative Director Matt Highison has confirmed that all season updates will be free for all players. There will be “no pay2win microtrans or lock boxes.” He later clarified the seasons would be “big gameplay-centered updates.” Those wondering what they’ll be getting with the Endeavor Pass included in the game’s Deluxe Edition also got some more information. The four “additional full DLC bundles” will be cosmetic packs, all of which can also be purchased individually.

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