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Aliens Fireteam Has New Xenomorphs and They Can’t Wait to Find New Victims


Aliens: Fireteam will have more than 20 enemy types, including the familiar Xenomorphs and a few faces that might be a bit alien. A preview by IGN has highlighted six of the creatures to haunt players as they clear the ancient ruins of LV-895; two of those Xenomorphs will be new species.

The game will have 11 different types of Xenomorph, including Facehuggers and Praetorians. Each of them will have their own methods of ambushing and outsmarting marines as they hunt down their prey. The Praetorians have made their presence felt in video games since Alien vs. Predator in the arcades. One of the largest and final varieties of Xenomorph XX121, they’ll tower over the marines and specialise in ramming attacks. As you can imagine, they’ll be fairly difficult to take down, especially as they have an armored head plate that’s bulletproof.

Drones will be returning and will still have a nasty habit of squeezing through air vents that seem much too small. Their movement is silent and they’ll lay in wait before bursting out and seizing a victim. They’ll attempt to disappear as quickly as they appeared, and they’ll need to be taken down before that can happen.

Introduced in Alien3, Runners are dangerous purely because they hunt in packs and are rarely found on their own. They’ll circle around their intended victims, hoping to attack with serrated tails. If that fails, they can also use speed to charge in and grab prey before they can react.

The fourth familiar face to get a preview was the Spitter, whose debut came much later in Aliens: Colonial Marines. They can keep their distance because they can project streams of acid from their mouths. If they have to get up close and personal, they can always use their claws and teeth instead.

Two creatures will be making their first appearances in Fireteam. Not to be confused with the Chestburster or Bellyburster, the Burster is another quadruped creature. Try not to kill them up close, because their fallen bodies will explode into pools of acid. Their bulbous bright yellow heads mean they can at least be picked out from a distance. The final creature is the Prowler, who runs around on all fours and prefers to pounce on marines before biting or clawing them. They can be picked out by their scalloped carapace that has a reddish color.

Players will be able to take on all of these creatures when Aliens: Fireteam is released this summer on PS4 and PS5.

[Source: IGN]

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