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Among Us VR Gets November Release Date

Among Us VR, the virtual reality port of the 2018 online social game, arrives on November 10 and will cost $9.99.

Initially announced at the 2021 Game Awards, Among Us VR allows you to play with up to ten players. You assume the role of either a crewmate or an imposter, with the former looking to complete all the tasks around the map while the player(s) posing as Imposter(s) try to kill all the crewmates without being detected.

Among Us is already a fun game, but the VR port adds a new level of suspense and chaos that will provide a fresh perspective for longtime players. In the gameplay trailer released back in April, you can see that the game shifts to a first-person perspective. Adding to the level of chaos is the inclusion of hands that you can flail around as you run or use to physically point fingers at an individual you feel may be the imposter in the group.

Our review of the non-VR version noted that Among Us “successfully transfers the devious gameplay of in-person cloak-and-dagger games to video game form.”

In addition to the Meta Quest 2 version, Among Us VR will also be available on Steam VR. A PlayStation VR2 port is also in development and will be available “when the [PSVR2] is released.” Currently, the PSVR2 is slated to release sometime next year.

In addition to a release date and pricing for Among Us VR, today’s Meta Connect keynote also shared details on new studios acquired by Meta, which include RE4 VR developer Armature Studio. Check out our roundup to see everything announced during today’s event.

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