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Ape Escape, Pursuit Force, MediEvil Trophies Revealed for PSP Classics

Ape Escape, Pursuit Force, MediEvil Trophies Revealed for PSP Classics

Sony is not slowing down in its efforts to put trophies into its first-party PS Plus Premium classics. Trophy lists for Ape Escape: On the Loose, Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice, and MediEvil: Resurrection, which are all part of the August 2023 lineup, have gone online.

Here’s the full Ape Escape: On the Loose trophy list

The Ape Escape: On the Loose trophy list, as shown by trophy tracking site Exophase, is strangely quite different than the one seen in the PS1 classic, despite being mostly the same game. It doesn’t even call on players to catch all the monkeys. It has eight Bronzes, seven Silvers, eight Golds, and a Platinum, which comes out to 24 total trophies.

  • Monkey Master – Unlock all trophies in Ape Escape: On the Loose.
  • Good Day for a Swim – Enter Oceana.
  • Medieval Night – Enter Medieval Mayhem.
  • All Together Again – Save your friends from Specter Land.
  • Mountain of Chips – Earn an extra life by collecting 100 Energy Chips.
  • All Your Sandcastles Are Belong to Us – Destroy three sandcastles in Crabby Beach.
  • Good Night Electro Knight – Defeat the Spec-a-lizer in Crumbling Castle.
  • There He Goes Again… – Defeat the Battle Cruiser in TV Tower.
  • Is This the End of Specter? – Defeat the Goliath Armor in Specter Land.
  • Mano a Mano – Defeat Jake in Jake Attacks Part 1.
  • Spike 2, Jake 0 – Defeat Jake in Jake Attacks Part 2.
  • I’m Just Here for the Rides – Enter Monkey Madness.
  • Everything but the Kitchen Sink – Collect all gadgets.
  • Monkey Research – Read 10 monkey entries in the Monkey Book.
  • Spike the Completionist – Completely clear any level.
  • Run Spike, Run! – Complete a Time Attack in any level.
  • Lost in Time – Enter The Lost Land.
  • Monkey Mystery – Enter Mysterious Age.
  • Spike Needs a Coat – Enter New Freezeland.
  • Bring Me to Monkey Town – Enter Present Day.
  • Frosty Monkey – Play the Snow Kidz Racing mini game.
  • Warrior Monkey – Play the Specter Boxing mini game.
  • Fancy a Rematch? – Play the Jake Attacks mini game.
  • Sporting Monkey – Play the Ape Ping Pong mini game.

Here’s the full Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice trophy list

Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice’s trophy list also made its way to Exophase. It has 14 Bronzes, 10 Silvers, six Golds, and a Platinum, which comes out 31 trophies. This unique action movie-esque driving game has more than a few trophies in common with its predecessor, as well as its own suite of new ones.

  • Extreme Pursuit – Unlock all trophies in Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice.
  • This Is Surely Illegal – Completely fill the emotion bar when interrogating a suspect.
  • Did Too Much – Deplete half your suspect’s health during an interrogation.
  • Just Rolled into the Shop – Activate an upgrade at the Laboratory.
  • Lab Tech Enthusiast – Activate 10 upgrades at the Laboratory.
  • Maxing Out – Activate all upgrades in a single category at the Laboratory.
  • How Hard Can It Be? – Complete a Challenge.
  • Ball Drop – Defeat Hard Balls in Act III: Ball Breaker.
  • The Dangers of Avarice – Defeat The Shark in Act IV: Runaway Train.
  • General Failure – Defeat the Warlord General in Act IV: Death from Above!
  • Beat ‘Em up Heli – Defeat Ashley in Act V: Separation of Power.
  • Cowboy – Perform a Sharpshooter ×3 combo during a case.
  • PIT Maneuver – Perform a Brute Force ×3 combo during a case.
  • Nothing but Scrap Metal – Perform an Eliminator ×3 combo during a case.
  • Where Are You Going? – Go the wrong way during a case.
  • Just like the Old Days – Complete a case in Bounty Mode.
  • Lost the Plot – Fail any case.
  • Wedding Crasher – Defeat Billy Wilde in Act I: The Big Day.
  • Tragedy on High – Defeat Travis Striker in Act I: Half-Life Hijack.
  • Fire Truck Fire-Fight – Defeat Billy Wilde in Act II: Fire-Fight!
  • Undercover Agent – Defeat Syndicate Lieutenant Lucy in Act II: Catch 22.
  • Tanked Fury – Defeat Yuri “The Fury” Andreov in Act III: Hell Hath No Fury!
  • Fan Trouble – Defeat Lockjaw in Act III: Swampland Showdown.
  • End of Service – Defeat Commander Decker in Act V: An Eye for an Eye!
  • Adrenaline Shot – Perform a Justice Shot during a case.
  • Pinned and Charged – Arrest an enemy during a case.
  • More than You Deserve – Arrest 25 enemies during cases.
  • The Garage Is Too Full – Capture 25 vehicles during cases.
  • Extreme Justice – Perform a Fatality ×3 combo during a case.
  • Star Player – Collect 25 Stars in Bounty Mode.
  • Spending Spree – Unlock 10 things in the Shop.

Here’s the MediEvil: Resurrection

The MediEvil: Resurrection trophy list is the last of the three that made its way to Exophase. It has 24 Bronzes, 11 Silvers, four Golds, and a Platinum, which comes out to 40 total trophies. This PSP game is a reimagining of the original PS1 game, which means it has something in common with the PS4 remake that came out in 2019 since they stem from the same title. However, their trophy lists are quite different.

  • Hero of Gallowmere – Unlock all trophies in MediEvil: Resurrection.
  • Chalice of Heroes – Fill and obtain 15 Chalices.
  • Dan the Unstoppable – Acquire 8 Health Bottles.
  • Testing the Waters – Play all carnival games.
  • Dan the Merciful – Finish the Sleeping Village level without harming the townsfolk.
  • Devilish Tricksters – Defeat the Demonettes.
  • Sharp Tongued Lizard – Defeat the Dragon King.
  • I’m the Captain Now – Defeat the Pirate Captain.
  • Revenge for an Eye Lost – Defeat Lord Kardok.
  • Grudge Match of the Century – Defeat Zarok.
  • Chalice of Souls – Fill and obtain 7 Chalices.
  • Feeling Refreshed – Acquire 4 Health Bottles.
  • Winner Winner – Obtain 4 Carnival Tokens.
  • Dan the Scribe – Read Dan’s Journal.
  • Dan the Exterminator – Exterminate five rats in the Hilltop Mausoleum basement.
  • Dan the Invincible – Finish a level outside of Dan’s Crypt and Gallowmere Plains without taking damage.
  • Don’t Dillydally or Lollygag – Wake up in Dan’s Crypt.
  • Get Your Bearings – Start the Graveyard level.
  • I Got My Thrills on Cemetery Hill – Start the Cemetery Hill level.
  • I Can See My Crypt from Here – Start the Hilltop Mausoleum level.
  • Back for Seconds – Start the Return to the Graveyard level.
  • How about Some Gallows Humor – Start the Gallowmere Plains level.
  • Village on Snooze – Start the Welcome to the Sleeping Village level.
  • Descend into Madness – Start the Inside the Asylum level.
  • Waking up the Neighborhood – Start the Sleeping Village level.
  • Bad Hay Day – Start the Scarecrow Fields level.
  • I Hope You Gorge Yourself – Start the Pumpkin Gorge level.
  • What Makes It Enchanted? – Start the Enchanted Forest level.
  • Not Pools I’d Be Willing to Swim In! – Start the Pools of the Ancient Dead level.
  • Arrgh, There Be Pirates – Start the Scurvy Docks level.
  • Hot Scales – Start the Dragon Island level.
  • Crumbling Castle – Start the Haunted Ruins level.
  • Who Are You Gonna Call? – Start the Ghost Ship level.
  • Final Showdown – Start the Zarok’s Lair level.
  • Glass Heart – Defeat the Stain Glass Demon.
  • Leaders of the Pack – Defeat the Stone Wolves.
  • Maxed Insanity – Defeat the Mad Axeman.
  • Overgrown Pumpkin Seed – Defeat the Pumpkin King.
  • Dan the Dragon – Defeat an enemy by breathing fire.
  • Dan the Famished – Eat some Cooked Chicken.

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