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Armored Core 6 PS4 Port Reportedly Runs More Smoothly on PS5 Than Native Version

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PS5 versions of games almost always look and run better than their PS4 counterparts when played through backward compatibility. However, that’s not quite the case with FromSoftware‘s latest title, as the Armored Core 6 PS4 port when played on PS5 seems to be a bit more stable than the native PS5 version.

The Armored Core 6 PS4 port continues a FromSoftware tradition

Hacker and modder Lance McDonald pointed this out on Twitter. He said that the PS4 version when played on a PS5 plays at a locked 60 frames per second and is “much smoother than the native PS5 build.” McDonald pointed out that Bandai Namco Entertainment said the PS4 Pro version would run up to 30 frames per second at 1800p. It’s possible that, like Elden Ring on PS4 Pro, the frame rate is unlocked. Bandai’s table seems to have some inconsistencies, as well, since the PS4 and Xbox One X are the only platforms listed as having HDR support.

Regardless, the PS5 version is described as supporting up to 60 frames per second, while running at 4K. McDonald later noted that he saw the PS5 version dropping frames. IGN’s performance analysis stated the native PS5 port performs rather well, but did also explain that it does indeed drop frames from time to time.

Elden Ring, FromSoftware’s last game, is in a similar boat. McDonald stated in that thread about Armored Core that he recently reverse engineered Elden Ring on PS5 to see why it runs worse than the PS4 port running through backward compatibility, coming to the conclusion that the PS5 build has “no compiler optimizations whatsoever.” Digital buyers are unaffected since both versions are bundled together, but PlayStation players who prefer physical formats and want to get the smoothest version should buy the PS4 disc since that comes with both ports, as opposed to the PS5 disc that only unlocks the PS5 version.

Technical analysts Digital Foundry also went into this issue with Elden Ring near the RPG’s launch in 2022. The outlet explained that playing the PS4 port on PS5 was “by far” the best way to play it on PlayStation for those who covet 60 frames per second. However, this expectedly comes with some visual trade-offs, as it has checkerboarded 1800p, inferior shadows, and less floral density. Digital Foundry hasn’t weighed in on Armored Core 6 quite yet, though.

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