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Atari Plans to Make Console and PC Games ‘for the Modern Era’

Atari has announced the creation of a new gaming division with the aim of making console and PC games “for the modern era.”

In a press release, the company said that it wants to “revitalize” classic Atari IP that will “share the classics’ instant enjoyability, while introducing a meaningful single-player campaign, couch co-op/multiplayer, and online play.”

“The Gaming Division of Atari, which will include all assets not included in the Blockchain Division, will be focused on gaming, and specifically the expanding market of retro gaming,” Atari said in a statement. “Financially, Atari will prioritize incremental long-term growth and sustainable cashflow. To do this Atari will focus on three key pillars for the Gaming Division: Gaming, the VCS, and Licensing.”

In addition to the above, Atari will continue to develop free-to-play mobile games.

Atari has undergone a change in leadership, with current Chairman of the Board of Directors Wade J. Rosen stepping into the role of Chief Executive Officer.

“I’m honored to be a steward of something as iconic and legendary as Atari. I would also like to thank [outgoing CEO] Fred Chesnais for turning around the company, which is now well positioned for such incredible long-term success,” said Rosen. “When Fred stepped into the role of Chief Executive Officer, he inherited a situation burdened with debt. Since then, he has eliminated debt and enacted a meaningful turnaround. He had the foresight to push Atari into cutting edge markets like Blockchain, the VCS, and the Atari Hotels. It’s because of him that the company is at its strongest valuation in seven years.”

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