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Audiophile Gaming Headset VZR Model One Now Shipping Preorders

The audiophile gaming headset from a former Apple audio engineer, the VZR Model One, is now shipping preorders. VZR was formed by Vic Tiscareno, along with other veterans of the audio industry, with the intent of meeting the needs of both gamers and audiophiles in ways that headsets haven’t managed before.

VZR Model One uses a patented technology called CrossWave, an “acoustic lens” that shapes the soundwaves to sound more natural to your ear. It does so via a physical piece over the driver, and not by digital alteration of the audio signal. This means that you get the natural audio as it was intended by the creator delivered to your ear in a way that sounds more natural than speakers placed directly over your ears. Get a better look at how this unique acoustic lens works in the trailer below:

VZR calls the Model One’s technology a balance of “fidelity and detail of a studio reference speaker system alongside the warmth and openness of open-backed audiophile headphones.” As a wired headset, the VZR Model One is comaptible with any device with a headphone jack, including the current-gen gaming consoles.

The VZR Model One went up for preorder earlier this year and is now starting to ship, meaning it will be in the public’s hands shortly. Praise for the headset has been high so far, particularly coming from people that work in audio production. In fact, it was created over years of development with audio experts and renowned figures in the field.

VZR Founder Vic Tiscareno promises even more innovation to come from the company. “The VZR Model One is the culmination of years of design and decades of experience to create the audiophile gaming headset the world needed,” said Tiscareno. “But I promise you, this is just the beginning for VZR as we look to radically improve the audio experience of gamers, music lovers and audio pros around the world. Stay tuned.”

The VZR Model One is available to purchase on VZR’s site for $349 and is shipping now.

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