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Back 4 Blood Character Trailer Lets You Meet the Cleaners Crew


Warner Bros. Games and Turtle Rock Studios have released a new Back 4 Blood character trailer, introducing the playable characters and enemies of the first-person co-op zombie shooter. Known as “The Cleaners”, each character possesses unique personal and team abilities as well as a diverse range of personalities. Additionally, worm parasites infect the zombies collectively known as “The Ridden”. Like its spiritual predecessor Left 4 Dead, there will be special zombies that will have unique abilities.

In total, there will be eight playable characters in the game. Here’s a list of each character and their respective skill sets:

Back 4 Blood – The Cleaners

  • Holly – A former college student, she lost her family to the zombie parasite known as the “Devil Worm”. She narrates the entire trailer and seems to be a central character to the team. Holly wields a spiked bat named “Dottie” and is a staunch optimist. Her skills include stamina recovery with each kill, as well as increased damage resistance and team stamina.
  • Walker – An Army veteran who is highly skilled at combat and is a leader-like figure. Walker is committed to his role as a Cleaner and is highly adept at marksmanship. His skills include increased accuracy with each precision kill, as well as increased damage and team health.
  • Doc – A doctor who came to America to work as a physician before the apocalypse, also known as “The Collapse”. Since she met Mom, Doc has been providing care and support for the people of Fort Hope, as well as working as a Cleaner. Her skills include a Low Health healing bonus, in addition to increased healing efficiency and team trauma resistance.
  • Karlee – Not much is known about Karlee’s background. She was a loner who lived on the outskirts of Fort Hope before a surge in the Ridden made her decide to work with the Cleaners. Karlee is able to sense hazards and also gives an additional quick inventory as well as a boost to team use speed.
  • Jim – A marksman who is a countryside native, and a seasoned hunter and trapper. He’s also a military veteran like Walker, and spends his spare time hunting down Ridden in the Pennsylvania countryside. He boasts increased damage with precision kills, increased ADS speed, as well as a boost to team weakspot damage.
  • Hoffman – As a doomsday prepper, he apparently enjoys the apocalypse. Hoffman is prepared in any situation, and in the trailer is shown throwing out molotov cocktails. His skills include the ability to spawn ammo with kills, an additional offensive item slot, and increased team ammo capacity.
  • Evangelo – The team newbie and youngest member of the Cleaners. He is a talkative character who tends to get nervous but is eager to prove himself as a competent teammate. He is able to break out of grabs and has increased stamina regen in addition to a team movement speed buff.
  • Mom – Leader of the pack, Mom is motivated to fight back against the Ridden after the death of her son. She’s always up for a challenge and is a shoulder to lean on for many of the members. Her abilities include an instant revive, additional support inventory, and an extra life for the team.

On the Ridden side, the trailer has confirmed four special zombies that will appear in the game: Breakers, who are incredibly strong; Ogres, who are able to throw “Meatballs” of corpses at teammates; Snitchers, who can screech to alert nearby zombies; and Hags, who can eat teammates using their grotesque maw. The trailer also teased two other unnamed zombies, which we will likely get more information on at a later date.

You can check out the full character introduction trailer below:

Back 4 Blood will be available for the PlayStation 4 and PS5 on October 12, 2021. Pre-ordering the game will also net players a bonus Elite Weapon Skin Pack. Turtle Rock is also planning an open beta for the game this summer. However, there is currently no confirmed date.

[Source: Gamespress]

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