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Bend Studio’s Resistance Game Would Have Made Use of the Days Gone World

When Bend Studio’s pitch for Days Gone 2 fell through, they then decided to create a pitch for an open-world Resistance game. The idea was that if the team couldn’t use the world they had built in Days Gone for a sequel, they wanted to “leverage” the open world and the lessons they had learned from creating it for a different purpose. Unfortunately that pitch was also rejected.

What would the new Resistance game have looked like?

The game would have taken aspects of the existing Resistance universe and placed them into the open world. This included the mothership that would be hovering over the world as a constant reminder to players as to their end-game objective. Speaking to ForTheWin, Days Gone director Jeff Ross says players would have assumed the role of young rebels tasked with building factions and an army that would take on the Chimeran infrastructure that would destroy mankind. Then they’d have to find a way to reach the mothership to take it down, something that may have involved building a ship themselves.

Side quests would have taken the form of conversion centers and gun towers. Combat would have variation from all of the different enemy and weapon types. Ross explains:

That’s an open-world loop — that’s a NERO checkpoint, that is an enemy camp, this is an infestation zone. There are actually so many possibilities, the game could have been huge. But that’s it. I didn’t spend more than a week on it because nobody was having it.

With both pitches for Days Gone 2 and a new Resistance game declined, and a Syphon Filter reboot seemingly a non-starter, the studio moved on to working on a new IP. Head of PlayStation Studios Hermen Hulst has called their game a “great new concept” and we’ll just have to wait to find out what that is.

In other news, Head of Xbox Phil Spencer has said he’d love to create a system where abusive players could be banned across all gaming networks, including Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. Elsewhere, the much-hyped Hazard Zone mode for Battlefield 2042 has such a low player count that apparently DICE has stopped tracking the mode.

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