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Call of Duty Warzone Cheater Bans Pick Up Pace, Another 13,000 Accounts Banned

Raven Software isn’t giving Call of Duty Warzone cheaters any leeway. Another round of Warzone cheater bans follows last week’s, with 13,000 accounts caught and banned in the latest one.

The pace of Warzone bans has picked up recently, or at least Raven’s announcements of how many players have been banned for cheating. With enormous rumored changes on the horizon for Warzone now that it’s passed the one-year anniversary of release, Raven and Activision don’t want the swath of cheaters to impede the excitement of what’s to come. The largest rumor says Verdansk is coming to an end, with a new map coming in to replace it. Given the previously bombastic events that have been held in Warzone, like the announcement for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, the shift to the next Warzone map is expected to be a huge event.

Of course, Raven is giving too many details about the bans to keep cheaters and cheat manufacturers guessing. The free-to-play nature of Warzone and it’s massive popularity attract a lot of attention for cheat manufacturers looking to profit on exploiting the game. Last week’s bans included players who had used unlock tools to gain access to paid skins, camos, and other items—even things that other players couldn’t yet obtain. While unlocking a cosmetic is far from cheating and ruining other players’ games, it still violates the terms of service and technically constitutes theft by illegitimately hacking the game and accessing paid content for free.

Raven has been quick to address major issues that come up, such as the recurring stim issue (which has no popped up no less than five times within various updates) that lets players use infinite stims in the gas, and the recent game ending bug or hack that caused matches to come to a sudden end prematurely.

Currently, zombies are making their way across Verdansk. They’ve been spreading from the new shipwreck location into other areas of the map. Season Two’s mid-season refresh is set to launch next week, and should introduce a fair few surprises leading into the end of the Season and what we all assume to be the end of Verdansk as we know it. Meanwhile, you can grab double XP this weekend to prepare for whatever Treyarch and Raven are about to bring to the table.

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