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Can You Play Guitar Hero on PS5?

Guitar Hero used to be a pretty big name in gaming, with annual releases and numerous spin-offs put out over the years. But over the past few years, fans have wondered if you can play Guitar Hero on PS5. We’ve got the answer ready to rock.

Is Guitar Hero on PS5?

The long and short of it is that you cannot play Guitar Hero on a PS5. The only Guitar Hero game to release on PS4 was Guitar Hero Live, but that game had its servers closed down not long after release . The 2015 title isn’t playable anymore unless you mod the game on PC. Every other Guitar Hero game was released on the PS3 or earlier, which means none of them are backward compatible with the PS5.

While you can’t play Guitar Hero on PS5 – thanks to the only entry released on the PS4 having its servers shut down – you can play Rock Band 4 and all the DLC with absolutely no issues. All you have to do is actually get your hands on a compatible controller and you’re good to go.

In other news, Spider-Man PS5 Remastered is getting a standalone release alongside a Spider-Man 2 PS5 prequel comic.

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