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Canceled Dead Rising 5 Game Video Emerges

Early prototype game footage of a canceled Dead Rising 5 game has emerged through the portfolio of one of the game’s level designers. Tentatively titled Dead Rising: Dia de los Muertos, the footage features Chuck Greene as the game’s protagonist in a couple of videos, one proposing a loot container mechanic and another showing off a jungle level.

Dead Rising 5 was heading to Mexico before being canceled

The plot of Dead Rising: Dia de los Muertos is still a mystery, although the five game levels — Barrio, Hotel, Camps, Mayan Temple and Safehouse — with which level designer Nick Sinkewicz (thanks ResetEra) was involved were based in Mexico. The Barrio level was based on a section of a real Mexico town, although seemingly didn’t get past the grey box stage. Seemingly, the most filled-out level was Camps. Sinkewicz described this as a “jungle level with plenty of zombies to kill and several gang bases to raid leading up to a final boss”, who was a “crazy kind of drug lord with an electrified metallic fake arm” called El Guapo.

The second video shows off an early prototype of a loot container mechanic, designed to “contextualize different drops, clean up the environment, and free up some memory!” The footage dates from 2017, the year after the release of Dead Rising 4. The unannounced game was the result of Capcom Vancouver’s promise to focus on its flagship Dead Rising franchise. Unfortunately, it seems like development was brought to a shuddering halt when the studio was closed in 2018 and the game was subsequently canceled.

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