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Capcom Releases Resident Evil 4 Remake Parody Anime

Capcom has released a Resident Evil 4 Remake parody anime called “Leon and the Mysterious Village”. The first episode, titled “Looking for Ashley”, shows an incredibly happy-looking Leon heading into a village filled with unwelcoming villagers and a deceptively friendly dog.

Resident Evil 4 could be such a happy place

The Resident Evil 4 parody anime was created by Nippon Animation, the team behind the renowned Japanese children’s World Masterpiece Theater shows like A Dog of Flanders and Heidi of the Alps from the 1970’s. Despite its initial appearance, the Resident Evil Masterpiece Theater is definitely not child-friendly despite there barely being a cloud in the sunny sky. There’s the celebration of somebody’s impending doom with singing and dancing. I’ve never seen anybody so happy to be killed by a Village Ganado, nor do I remember the Resident Evil 4 death screen that featured rainbows. And please just don’t pet the Colmillos dog. Instead, enjoy this alternate take on the story of Leon’s life.

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Capcom didn’t mention whether there will be further episodes of Leon and the Mysterious Village, but the game will be released on March 24. I’m yet to play the Resident Evil 4 demo released during the Capcom show, but I have a feeling the game will have a completely different vibe to the anime.

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