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CD Projekt RED Not in Talks To Be Acquired by Sony

After months of speculations and recurring rumors, CD Projekt RED PR representative Ola Sondej has debunked reports that the studio is in talks to be acquired by Sony. Former developer Rafal Jaki also addressed the rumors, dismissing suggestions that Sony’s holding talks with CDPR in secret.

Could Sony ever acquire CD Projekt RED?

PlayStation fans continue to hold out hope for an acquisition. When Jaki pointed out that CDPR is listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, with only 36% of the studio’s stake remaining with its founders, followers continued to point out that Activision Blizzard is also a publicly listed company.

The latest rumors come from a post on video game forum Icon-era, which also claims that Days Gone 2 is in development. The latter part of the rumor should have been enough for fans to realize the poster was making things up, but here we are.

Realistically speaking, it’s not impossible for publicly listed companies to be acquired. However, as Jaki points out, there is a huge difference between acquiring a private company and a public company. The latter would have to be officially announced, face scrutiny, and require board approval.

In other words, any attempted acquisition of CDPR would be a very public affair as opposed to a surprise announcement followed by deal closure months later.

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