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Civilization VI Leader Pass Out Today, Adds 18 New Leaders

Civ 6 leader pass

2K and Firaxis announced that the Civilization VI Leader Pass is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Previously exclusive to the PC version, Civ 6 players can now grab 18 new Leaders and Personas for $19.99 on consoles. The Leader pass is also free for players who own Civilization VI: Anthology, the Anthology upgrade, or all Anthology contents.

Civ 6’s Leader Pass includes 12 wholly new Leaders and alternate Personas for six existing leaders. The new Leaders include the United States’ Abraham Lincon, England’s Elisabeth I, Mali’s Sundiata Keita, Germany’s Ludwig II, Persia’s Nader Shah, Kongo’s Nzinga Mbande, Egypt’s Ramses, Korea’s Sejong, Byzantium’s Theodora, Japan’s Tokugawa, and China’s Wu Zetian and Yongle.

Here are the Civilization VI personas in the Leader Pass

Meanwhile, the six Personas include alternate versions of Cleopatra, Qin Shi Huang, Suleiman, Saladin, Harald Hardrada, and Victoria. Initially introduced in Civilization VI’s New Frontier Pass, Personas have different costumes, map colors, abilities, agendas, and sometimes different religions. This makes them functionally separate Leaders from their default counterparts.

Civilization IV Leader Pass on consoles

Civ 6’s Ptolemaic Cleopatra gains a bonus toward producing food, culture, and appeal on floodplains. Age of Steam Victoria gets production bonuses on industrial zones and strategic resources. Meanwhile, Suleiman the Magnificent’s bonuses add interesting dynamics to the Golden Ages from Civilization VI’s Rise and Fall expansion. He grants additional science and culture during Golden Ages. When the Ottomans aren’t in a Golden Age, Suleiman’s troops are stronger against civilizations that also aren’t in a Golden Age.

Alternatively, military-inclined Civ 6 players might prefer Qin Shi Huang the Unifier, whose land units can convert barbarian units into Chinese ones. Varangian Harald Hardrada levies city state troops for 75% less and levied troops produce faith, culture, and science by winning battles. He also changes Norway’s default religion from Protestant to Eastern Orthodox.  

Finally, Civilization VI players can unlock Julius Caesar by signing up for and linking their 2K account to the game. The Roman Dictator gains gold from conquering cities and destroying barbarian outposts. His Gallic Wars agenda means that Caesar likes it when other civilizations destroy barbarians and dislikes civillizations who ignore them.

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