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Crossfire: Sierra Squad Release Date Set for PSVR2 Shooter

Firewall Ultra is one of the more notable PSVR2 shooters coming to the headset, but it’s not the only one. And it’s not even the only one to release in late August, as Smilegate Entertainment revealed the Crossfire: Sierra Squad release date, which also happens to fall within that month.

Crossfire: Sierra Squad is releasing within days of Firewall Ultra

Crossfire: Sierra Squad is coming to PSVR2 and PC VR on August 29. It will also be $29.99.

This military shooter will have a few different modes, including a solo campaign with 13 missions, 50 missions that support solo play or two-player co-op, and a wave-based survival mode for four players. There are also 17 enemy types, 39 weapons, and some vehicles like helicopters and Light Armored Vehicles.

As previously stated, this is just five days after Firewall Ultra, First Contact Entertainment’s VR shooter and sequel to the 2018 original. That military shooter is more focused on multiplayer, though, as it has competitive PvP component and a co-op PvE mode, as well. Essentially, it seems like Firewall is more akin to Rainbow Six Siege, while Crossfire is aiming for more of a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare-esque experience.

Crossfire may not be a huge name to some players, but the series is one of the most-player shooter franchises in the world. The last Crossfire game, CrossfireX, never came to PlayStation systems, and was Smilegate’s attempt to bring the series to a more global market. It partnered with Microsoft and Alan Wake developer Remedy Entertainment to fulfill those objectives, but the game was almost unanimously panned upon release and went offline in May. Sierra Squad is Crossfire’s first venture into VR and, given how it is releasing on PlayStation 5, is likely another way Smilegate is trying to appeal to new audiences.

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