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Crusader Kings III May Be Coming to PS5 and Other Consoles Soon

A new listing from the Taiwan Digital Game Rating Committee indicates that strategy game Crusader Kings III may be heading to the PS5 and other consoles in the near future. If true, this would also be the first time the PC-only strategy series releases on console platforms. Interestingly, while the current-gen Xbox One is listed on the rating committee’s website, the PlayStation 4 is strangely absent.

Crusader Kings III originally launched back in September 2020 for PC via Steam, as well as through the Xbox Game Pass. A sequel to the previous Crusader Kings II released in 2012, the game allows players to control a royal dynasty from the Medieval era and do anything from starting wars to plotting assassinations. Like many other games in the grand strategy genre, Crusader Kings features a wide variety of regions, settings, and nations to choose from. A recently announced “The Royal Court” expansion also plans to add a new Royal Court mechanic to the game.

The Taiwan Digital Game Rating Committee specifically lists the PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S as planned release platforms. The PlayStation 4, however, is notably absent from this list. Though games have had staggered releases due to Sony’s requirement that all PS4 titles be forward compatible with the PS5, it’s definitely strange to see the game released for the Xbox One but not get a PS4 release.

This isn’t the first time Paradox Interactive has released a grand strategy game on console, of course. Back in 2019, the company ported the sci-fi strategy title Stellaris to the PS4, along with the game’s prior expansions. Importantly, the console release featured various quality of life enhancements specifically designed for the controller in mind. Since the two games share a lot of similarities, it’s likely that we’ll get to see the same treatment with a possible Crusader Kings III console release.

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