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Days Gone 8 Million Sales Were Only Estimated and are Likely Wrong

Days Gone Game Director Jeff Ross recently claimed his game had sold over eight million copies in the first 18 months of release but that Sony still viewed the game as a disappointment despite Ghost of Tsushima selling a similar amount. However, in an interview with David Jaffe on his Youtube channel today, Ross clarified that those figures were not officially sourced and were only an estimate, therefore the chances are they’re completely wrong.

How many copies has Days Gone sold?

Ross claimed Days Gone had sold “over 8 million copies” in the first 18 months of its release and it had “since gone on to sell more“. He also estimated another “million+” on Steam. The problem is that his source is not official sales figures. His source was actually a website called Gamestat that no longer exists. At the time, the site tracked Trophy data and used it to estimate the game’s total number of players. The problem is these figures include those who grabbed the game through PlayStation Plus, those who bought used copies, those who rented the game or played it through PlayStation Now, and those who use game share, none of which will have bought a copy of the game. This means the actual number of sales is likely far lower than 8 million, although Ross states “I stand by my numbers”.

Sony has never announced official sales figures for Days Gone. Statistics released on the game’s first anniversary nine months ago revealed the game had accumulated over 200 million total hours played and 100 million trophies earned between its players. Regardless of the true sales figures, Sony declared the game a disappointment after a mixed reception from players. Days Gone 2 was never greenlit after the game failed to make it past the local management level.

In other news, in the same interview it was revealed Sony also declined a reboot of Syphon Filter and an open-world Resistance game from Bend Studios. Elsewhere, a new multiplayer South Park game is in development for consoles and PC at Question Games.

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