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Dead by Daylight Fresh Details on Haunted by Daylight Event

As we get deeper into the Halloween season, the annual slew of themed events in live service games start to roll out. Behaviour Interactive got early out of the gate in announcing the Dead by Daylight Haunted by Daylight roadmap earlier this month. Now there are more details on what to expect from the seasonal event.

Haunted by Daylight details

Enter the Void

From October 18, 2023, at 2 PM (EDT) until November 6, 2023, at 2 PM (EDT), players will be able to experience an eerie new section of the Entity’s Realm for the first time.

The Haunted by Daylight Event introduces Void Zones: pockets of a mysterious Realm where former Survivors and Killers, now called Haunts, are discarded by The Entity. Players must deposit the Void Energy they collect into Unstable Rifts to open portals to the Void. Once inside, their goal will be to release Haunts into the Map, where they’ll provide unique advantages throughout the Trial.

Halloween Livestream

Players are invited to tune in to Dead by Daylight’s official YouTube and Twitch channels for a Haunted by Daylight LIVESTREAM beginning at 2 PM (EDT) on October (Friday the) 13th. Watch the team do a deep dive on all the new Haunted by Daylight gameplay mechanics, seasonal cosmetics, and other updates and a developer Q&A with a few surprises along the way. Only the bravest will dare enter the Void…

Explore New Stories

Available now, Tome 17: COMMITMENT uncovers new memories for The Oni and Feng Min, with appearances from The Dredge, Adam Francis, and Dwight Fairfield. Explore Feng Min’s past through snapshots of heated e-sport competition and difficult home life, while The Oni’s memories reveal the hulking Killer’s unmatched brutality and descent into madness.

Outfits to Die For

Available on October 18, 2023, the Void Collection features Very Rare Outfits for David King, Yun-Jin Lee, and Haddie Kaur.

These Void-touched Outfits present the Survivors with glowing blue eyes as the edges of their clothing seem to fade into eerie oblivion. Ice-like spikes protrude from their shoulders and sleeves for a ghastly effect. Players must be quick; this Collection is only available until November 6, 2023.

The Hallowed Blight Collection also adds some new looks beginning October 24, 2023, with Very Rare Outfits for The Onryo and Yoichi Asakawa, and an Ultra Rare Outfit for The Xenomorph.

The Onryo’s Hallowed Blight Outfit features her hair and clothing covered in eerie Blight Serum pustules while Yoichi’s Hallowed Blight Outfit features a chic deep-blue jacket, burgundy undershirt, and beige trousers stained with Blight Serum. As for the Xenomorph, its torso is covered with bulbous glowing growths, adding to an already terrifying silhouette.

The event arrives on Oct. 18, 2023, and will be playable until Nov. 6, 2023, on all supported platforms.

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