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: Death Stranding Director’s Cut (PS5) – Kojima’s Walking Simulator Is Best on PS5

A long hike.

This is a game that needs very little introduction. In 2019, Hideo Kojima returned with Death Stranding on PlayStation 4, and that name alone made the game an important one. As it so happened, the game was unlike anything else released at the time, mostly eschewing violent conflict in favour of a quest to bring people together. While we won’t be going through all the basics here — read our review for the PS4 game for the skinny on story and gameplay — Death Stranding Director’s Cut proves that, two years later, Kojima’s vision remains wholly unique.

This PS5 version of the game is the same experience as before, only now there’s more of it. You’re still controlling Sam Porter Bridges as he treks from the east coast to the west of a broken North America, tasked with bringing isolated groups onto the Chiral Network to reestablish some semblance of order. The titular event has transformed the landscape and brought the spooky, spectral BTs into the world. The main thrust of gameplay is delivering cargo from A to B, aiming to avoid confrontation and keep those goods strapped to Sam’s back in perfect condition. All of that is here, of course, and it remains a surprisingly captivating adventure. Some of the original’s issues remain; it’s still overly finicky to play at times, missions become repetitive, and the UI feels overcomplicated. Hardly dealbreakers, but if you didn’t enjoy Sam’s excursion on PS4, this is unlikely to change your mind.

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