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Demon’s Souls Old Monk Boss Got a Lot of Pushback Internally

FromSoftware president and director Hidetaka Miyazaki has revealed that he got a lot of internal pushback against the design of Demon’s Souls Old Monk boss fight, but he persisted and succeeded in implementing his vision. Over on the PlayStation Blog, numerous Sony developers shared their favorite boss fights from FromSoftware games, with a special appearance from Miyazaki who talked about the boss fight that he’s most proud of making.

Demon’s Souls Old Monk boss fight was difficult to implement

According to Miyazaki, much of the resistance to Old Monk came from its difficult design. The mechanics were so hard to implement that apparently “no one” believed Miyazaki could pull it off. However, it all came together in the end and he got his wish. Not only that, but fans appreciated Old Monk as well.

If we’re talking about a boss that I’m ‘most proud of’ (to use those specific words), it would probably be the Old Monk from Demon’s Souls. The reason being is there was a lot of pushback against that design and what we were trying to do with it. But it was something I really, really wanted to do. I wanted to get that boss concept into the game, both from a visual design perspective and gameplay perspective, including the multiplayer element. From both the implementation and fun factor, we got a lot of pushback, and no one believed in it at the time.

Although Demon’s Souls is a spiritual successor to King’s Field, it carved its own path spurring the successful Souls genre. A decade later, its PlayStation 5 version too received universal praise.

In other news, Techland has promised that it’s prioritizing a patch for Dying Light 2: Stay Human’s co-op and server issues, and Naughty Dog has confirmed that it has three titles in development simultaneously.

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