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Destiny 2: Lightfall Strand Subclass is Easier to Unlock Than Stasis

The new Destiny 2: Lightfall Strand subclass will offer new abilities to all three Guardian classes, and the good news is that it will be easier to unlock than the notorious Stasis ability. The process to unlock the Darkness subclass will now be far more “user-friendly” and much less of a grind for Aspects and Fragments.

How to unlock the Strand subclass

Players will need to complete the new Lightfall campaign to be able to unlock Strand. Bungie told PC Gamer that “at campaign completion, you’re actually going to have a fairly representative subclass, unlike Stasis, which was just a skeleton of a subclass.” The team learned from the Born in Darkness quest needed to unlock the Stasis ability and that it caused too many problems, especially for newer players. However, this doesn’t mean that Aspects and Fragments won’t be involved. More of these will be released across the 2023 Seasons so players can have a complete subclass kit by the end of the year.

Strand will give all players the Grapple ability as well as new combat abilities that can unravel enemies, suspend them in the air, and cause explosions that cause damage over a small area. Each Guardian class will get its own subclass too:

  • Warlock Broodweaver: Needlestorm
    • Floating into the air, Warlocks conjure a wave of piercing Strand missiles. After the missiles strike their enemies, they detonate and reweave themselves into Threadlings that chase after nearby targets.
  • Titan Berserker: Blade Fury
    • Titans weave large blades onto their arms while they roam the battlefield using light and heavy attacks. Light attacks allow Titans to quickly slash enemies and build energy for their heavy attack, in which they swing their blades to launch projectiles that suspend and incapacitate enemies on impact.
  • Hunter Threadrunner: Silkstrike
    • Hunters weave a rope dart to strike down their enemies. The light attack throws the dart forward to strike a single enemy. Hitting an enemy with the tip of the dart deals bonus damage, and defeating enemies in this manner causes them to explode. The heavy attack swings the rope dart around a large area, damaging all nearby enemies.

Destiny 2: Lightfall and the new Strand subclass launches on February 28. PS Plus members can currently access the game and its Beyond Light expansion right now.

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