: Destruction AllStars (PS5) – A Confident But Flawed Start for Chaotic Car Combat Game


Dodgy ignition.

Destruction AllStars is quite a frustrating game. Not really because of anything the game does wrong, but because it clearly holds a lot of potential. As an idea, it sounds great: a destruction derby style title that keeps you in the action with on-foot gameplay when you’re between vehicles. In practice, while it does succeed in some ways, it misses the mark in others. What we end up with is a car combat game that feels confident but underwhelms in areas it should shine.

A major issue it faces right now is a poor first impression. When you get behind the wheel for your first match of Mayhem — the game’s core mode that rewards points for dishing out damage — it can all feel very aimless, confusing, and somehow rather tame. Although your objectives are fairly straightforward, there’s a method to the game’s madness that you need to wrap your head around, lest you be bottom of the leaderboards forever. This initial learning curve may well put off a lot of players, but it’d be a mistake to write the whole thing off so quickly.

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