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Destruction AllStars Update 2.2.0 Introduces Brand New Blitz Multiplayer Mode

The latest Destruction AllStars update has introduced a brand new multiplayer mode. Patch 2.2.0 brings in Blitz Mode, a 12-player mode featuring four teams where players battle to score a set total of points before the timer runs out.

Blitz Mode is “highly competitive, multi-team version” of Mayhem and it features four teams of three players. Over each round, the teams will battle to become the first to earn 100 points, or have the highest points total when the timer runs out. The winning team is the first to win two rounds. Right now the mode is unranked but Lucid Games promises there will be ranks and levels introduced “later down the road”.

The scoring system has been modified to encourage teamwork and coordinated attacks. Hits, barges, wrecks, and KOs will still give points, but there will also be bonus points awarded for team takedowns with more points being awarded for more team members getting involved. There’s also the vengeance system where players get bonus points if they retaliate within 30 seconds for a teammate becoming wrecked or knocked out.

Thanks to the use of character lockouts, players can choose a different AllStar at the start of each round, but once they’ve been played in a round then they can’t be picked again for that match. This means players could use between two to five AllStars per match, and the aim is to make everyone think about how they want to build up their team each round. The good news is ability energy carries over between rounds, so players can even choose to deploy their Hero Vehicle at the start of a following round for an advantage.

Those who take part in Blitz will be able to earn exclusive weekly rewards, such as a Blitz-themed skins for the AllStars, by completing weekly challenges. There will also be seasonal sponsor challenges for winning Blitz matches, offering an avatar and banner set for their completion. As usual, players can also complete other daily and weekly challenges while playing the mode, earning XP and Season Points.

Blitz Mode is available to play right now and Lucid Games is most likely hoping this invigorates the player count after they had to add online bots due to a low number of players. As an aside, don’t forget you also have just three more days to claim 1100 Destruction Points from the PlayStation Store as part of PlayStation’s Play At Home promotion.

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