DJI FPV drone takes ‘a bird’s flight’ through one of the world’s largest tulip gardens


Due to COVID-19 restrictions, most of the world is still locked down. This includes Keukenhof, one of the largest flower gardens around, located in the Netherlands. Wiebe de Jager flew his DJI FPV drone through it to offer up ‘a bird’s flight’ perspective, as he calls it. With the management’s permission, de Jager spent seven minutes weaving through the garden’s trees, mazes of cropped bushes, and tulip beds.

The DJI FPV drone is the first consumer-grade FPV (first-person-view) unit that offers up GPS and obstacle avoidance sensors. When flying in Normal or Sport mode, those two features are activated and the drone can also hover plus Return to Home if it gets disconnected. Unlike other FPV platforms, DJI offers up to 20 minutes flight time and a range of up to 10km (6.2 miles) – making flights like these possible.

It’s pretty clear, from the footage above, that de Jager used Normal mode for a slow and graceful flight. This allowed him to effectively share the garden’s stunning foliage with viewers. You can check out more of his work, or get in touch, on his main website.

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