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Dragon Age: Dreadwolf Will Welcome Both Series Veterans and Newcomers

BioWare has said that Dragon Age: Deadwolf is being designed for series veterans and newcomers alike. The developer also hinted at a new protagonist. In a lengthy development update on its website, BioWare talked about crafting a story for those who are familiar with the Dragon Age lore and those who aren’t familiar with the series at all. However, Dreadwolf will feature familiar themes and faces so series fans will have have something to look forward to.

Dragon Age: Dreadwolf will recognize a varied audience

Dragon Age Dreadwolf Dread Wolf

Senior writer Sylvia Feketekuty said that in the eight years since the last Dragon Age game, she’s come across adults “fondly reminiscing” about playing the game in their teens. For her, Dreadwolf’s story has to strike a balance between answering long-standing questions while ensuring newcomers aren’t lost and can make sense of things.

Narrative editor Ryan Cormier added:

Unlike the vast galaxies we explore in our other franchises, Dragon Age: Dreadwolf returns us to Thedas, where we can revisit friends and places that are familiar. Some fans haven’t spent time with Dragon Age since the 2014 release of Inquisition, while others have read every comic and story published since. Others never played a Dragon Age game at all and have no idea who the bald guy is (he’s Solas). It’s a varied audience, and development for Dreadwolf has included conversations about how the team can simultaneously reward our returning fans and welcome new ones.

Feketekuty teased that there are “other things” to make Dreadwolf enticing for veterans and newcomers but she can’t get into those at the moment.

Dragon Age: Dreadwolf will provide BioWare a much-needed opportunity to redeem itself following some botched projects and reports of a toxic work environment. Here’s hoping the studio finds its “magic” again.

Dragon Age: Dreadwolf has yet to be dated.

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