Dying Light 2 Patch Fixes Co-op and All Deathloop Issues


Techland has rolled out Dying Light 2 patch 1.07 (1.007.000 on PS5), which resolves all outstanding deathloops and fixes co-op issues. In addition to this, all progression blocks in the following quests have been fixed: Into The Dark, Assassination, Sophie in The Raid Quest, Hubert in The Only Way Out, Veronika, Nightrunners, The Lost Light, Double Time.

Dying Light 2 patch 1.07 highlights

Players should no longer experience crashes and black screens when in co-op mode. Issues involving invites, parties spawning in distant places, and players/enemies falling through the ground have been addressed as well.

In terms of UI/UX, Survivor Sense should now work properly. Additionally, some visual improvements have been made to player HP and stamina bars, and enemies’ stance meter. “The dynamic setting for Player Health Bar is the new default and hides the bar when the player is at 100 percent health,” Techland noted.

Dying Light 2’s final boss fight has been improved as well. It should now have better pacing and shorter narrative scenes between phases. The final boss fight should also work better in co-op. According to Techland, the issue during co-op play where the boss reacts incorrectly to other players and glitches out by not changing behavior has been addressed with the following:

  • Alternate opponent behaviors in Phase 2 during co-op play.
  • Opponent performs area attacks more frequently during co-op sessions.

Last but not least, Dying Light 2’s outro sequence has been improved with additional ending sequences that “better align gameplay and outro scenes.”

There’s a lot more in the patch notes, which you’ll find on the game’s official website.

In other news, Elden Ring hasn’t been out for long and it’s already become one of the best-selling games in the U.S. in the last year, and PlayStation sexism lawsuit has expanded as eight more women have spoken out against the company’s culture.

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