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Dying Light 2 Update Adds Payday Crossover, New Microtransaction Currency

Dying Light 2 Update Adds Payday Crossover, New Microtransaction Currency

Techland is still trucking along with Dying Light 2‘s Summer of Horrors. The latest update for the zombie-focused game welcomes in the next chapter of this ongoing season, which includes a new Payday-focused event, as well as a new form of microtransactions.

The new Dying Light 2 update adds Payday 2 gear

As noted by Techland, the Payday event headlines this update. However, it is strangely and specifically centered around Payday 2 instead of Payday 3 even though Payday 3 is two weeks from its release. Regardless, players will have to take down infected robbers and chase infected bolters, both of which are adorned with Dallas’ iconic clown mask with the American flag. Success is dependent on whether or not players can steal red diamonds from these infected beings.

There are also a few rewards tied to the event. Just participating and grabbing one red diamond unlocks special UV lights. Collecting 40 red diamonds unlocks Dallas’ mask as a wearable item. Snatching 150 red diamonds unlocks a weapon blueprint that’s a bundle of money. And if everyone collectively grabs 11 million red diamonds, each person will get 25 Pilgrim Tokens, which can be used to buy equipment. The event will run until 7 a.m. PT on September 21.

This also plays right into one of the update’s other big features, which is the introduction of a new system for buying skins. Called DL Points, players can now buy these points and use them to purchase skin bundles. Dying Light 2 already had cosmetic bundles, but this, according to Techland, lets players buy these packs without leaving the game. There are currently five bundles, and they range from $4.99 to $49.99. Essentially, while it seems like Techland is folding and adding microtransactions, it appears as though the studio is just trying to unify its existing bundle release plan under one currency system.

Everyone who logs in before October 7 will get 500 DL Points for free. However, this is just below the cost of the new Payday bundle, which is 550 DL Points and includes a Payday gang outfit, a legendary hammer that seems to be made of money, an artifact blueprint that is also a little stack of cash, a paraglider with Dallas’ mask on it, and, finally, a bundle of money that players can use as a blunt weapon.

While the response from fans has been incredibly negative, Techland released an FAQ specifically about DL Points in an effort to get ahead of these predictable concerns. It noted that, in addition to letting players stay in the game to buy their skin bundles, it also saves Techland the work of having to add these bundles to every storefront. Most bundles also offer bonus DL Points, which is a discount that wasn’t previously possible and will save some players money in the long run.

The existing skin bundles on PlayStation have been removed and rolled into the in-game storefront, but other systems will follow that lead down the line. The studio is also looking into alternate ways for players to earn DL Points in the future and said it is open to player feedback. Techland even went out of it way to explain that its recent deal with Tencent had nothing to do with this move.

This Dying Light 2 update also adds new knife animations, a gore toggle that lets players change how bloody the game is, the ability to skip the prologue, community-made maps for console players, and a new modifier called Alterations. These are meant to “reintroduce short-time activities for players to infuse the world of Dying Light with vibrancy and fun,” but they can be turned off, too.

The Summer of Horrors has been eventful for Dying Light 2. It welcomed in one of the most well-received updates that changed how nighttime and parkour worked and included an event all about The Walking Dead.

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