Dying Light PS5 Update Adds 60FPS and 4K Resolution in Three New Video Modes


Dying Light has finally gotten its next-gen update on PS5. The patch adds three new video modes that give players the choice between 60FPS and 4K Resolution. Techland also detailed an upcoming patch for Dying Light 2: Stay Human that has already released on PC and will be coming to consoles soon.

Dying Light next-gen PS5 update patch notes

Dying Light

The Dying Light next-gen PlayStation 5 update is available right now and adds three new video modes. Those who choose Performance mode will get 60FPS in full HD resolution. On the other hand, High-Resolution mode gives players a consistent 30FPS in 4K resolution. Sat in between the two is Balanced mode, which offers 60FPS but in QHD resolution.The same update has also improved things for PS4 Pro players, who now get an improved 30FPS cap and “new networking utilizing the EOS [Epic Online Services] solution”.

Meanwhile, Dying Light 2 will soon be getting another update on PS4 and PS5. Patch 1.2 eliminates all “known cases” with deathloops, as well as removing progression blockers across several missions. The in-game clock will no longer stop in safe zones, and co-op stability has been improved. There are also improvements to Nightrunner tools, combat, ragdoll behavior, gameplay during night time, the final boss fight, the user interface, the Brutality Pack and the outro. The full patch notes can be seen on the Dying Light 2 website. The update is already available on PC but has been promised for consoles “soon”.

In other news, the Skull & Bones Insider Program will be inviting a select number of players to test the game during its early stages of development. The test is only running on PC at the moment, but players can apply now if they want to give the game a go before its release. Elsewhere, an Elden Ring speedrunner has managed to beat the game in a mere 50 minutes while most players are still struggling to complete their first run of many hours.

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Skull and Bones Insider Program Invites Players to Test the Game

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