EA Seattle Hiring for ‘Rich and Dynamic’ AAA Open-World Action RPG


EA’s new Seattle studio is hiring for developers to help them on “rich and dynamicopen-world action-adventure games. From the few details that can be gleaned from the EA Seattle job listings, one of those games is a third-person AAA open-world action RPG that will have an emphasis on storytelling and procedural narratives.

What is EA Seattle’s new game?


Several of the job listings describe how the studio is working on “open-world action-adventure games and pioneering next-generation emergent storytelling“. The listing for a Senior Animator – Core Gameplay was more specific, though, describing how EA Seattle is creating a “AAA open world action RPG with an emphasis on procedural narratives“. The game was later described as third person and will feature combat sets, as can be expected from an action RPG. Prototypes will be built on Epic’s Unreal Engine, and it’s fair to assume that’s the engine the final game will use.

Seeing as the Senior Concept Artist – Environments will be in charge of creating “new and immersive worlds”, the game is likely to be a brand new IP. These worlds will combine the architecture, geology, and flora of the real world “into something unique and inspiring” that will “empower players to create incredible stories of heroic adventure”. Other words used to describe the world include “exciting”, “rich and dynamic” while it will hopefully be filled with “memorable” characters and enemies. Several listings referred to “sandbox gameplay”; we’re assuming this is the same game, but it may be another title.

With games currently heading in the great direction of being as widely accessible as possible, it’s no surprise that the Principle 3C’s Designer will be in charge of making this new game available to as wide an audience as they can. This person will “champion accessibility for our diverse players, providing everyone with an excellent experience as their inputs and intentions are represented in game”. Between all of the job listings, it sounds like the upcoming game is in the very early stages of development, so it could be a while before we hear more.

In other news, the rumors of Hogwarts Legacy getting a State of Play show have come true as the game will take center stage on Thursday. Elsewhere, Ubisoft Stockholm is also creating a new IP, this time in the form of an action game.

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