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Elden Ring Modder Beats Boss Using Bananas

Super modder SuperLouis64 has done it again. About a week ago, he defeated several Elden Ring bosses — specifically, Margit the Fell Omen and Godrick the Grafted — using a Ring Fit controller, and this time he’s defeated those bosses using a controller made out of, well, bananas!

How the Elden Ring mod uses the yellow fruit

If you’re unfamiliar with his work, SuperLouis64 takes everyday objects or controllers that have no business being used in other games, like a bow and arrow controller or a Dance Dance Revolution pad, and reconfigures them for his own purposes. The results are usually both hilarious and wondrous, but for these Elden Ring videos, it’s downright impressive.

As part of his YouTube series called “Controller Bending,” SuperLouis64 describes how his banana controller works. While he admits that his workstation is rather messy and “smells really bad,” each of the bananas maps to a particular button: directional bananas, jump banana, attack banana, dodge banana, lock-on banana, heal banana, and of course horse banana. Can’t forget about that one!

In the shorter explanation video posted above (which should have millions of views but somehow doesn’t), he makes plenty of slip-ups, whiffing against the minor enemies. He’s not exactly proud to have banana muscle memory, commenting that “This isn’t the skill I want my brain to remember.” But then he gets comfortable enough to face off against a flying dragon and perseveres long enough to defeat the foe by swooping around on his horse and whacking the dragon’s legs.

In a shorter video that he post on Twitter, he defeats Godrick using the banana controller, complete with a space in the video that shows an overhead camera view of him tapping the fruits with his hands.

In other news, Elden Ring has beaten Horizon Forbidden West in terms of downloads in February, and a speedrunner has defeated Elden Ring in under 50 minutes!

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