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Elden Ring Will Reportedly Feature Souls-Like PvP/Multiplayer System

ResetEra insider Omnipotent, who’s known for his good track record, has claimed that Elden Ring will come with PvP and multiplayer features similar to FromSoftware’s previous titles. This will include a character creation and class system that players are familiar with.

Omnipotent also claimed that Elden Ring‘s world won’t be as dark as the Souls games. This doesn’t mean that the game won’t have dark aspects. However, it’s reportedly meant to be more “bright, colorful, and vibrant.”

The insider also commented on the recently-leaked Elden Ring trailer, reassuring fans that it wasn’t exactly a spoiler. He further said that the video was made for internal use by Bandai Namco Entertainment, and suggestions that it was part of a “controlled” or “intentional” leak are false. Omnipotent wrote:

I’m going to avoid detailing how this happened, but I will say that this was neither a ‘controlled’ nor ‘intentional’ leak orchestrated by Bandai and FromSoft to generate hype or something silly like that. It’s your usual run-of-the-mill leak. This trailer was made by Bandai for internal use only and there’s a good chance From probably wasn’t even aware of it, let alone in control of it. This specific trailer wasn’t intended to be viewed by the public at this or any other time as far as I can tell. I will also state that while I have heard that a reveal is in the works for ‘soon'(tm), this leak surfacing now is merely coincidental and isn’t an indication that anything is going to happen right this second. I doubt this ‘forces Bandai’s hand’ into doing anything sooner than they want as it seems like they were already made aware of the situation prior to it going public anyway.

We’ll update our readers when we have more info.

[Source: ResetEra via Wccftech]

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