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Exoprimal, Monster Hunter Crossover Announced With Roadmap

Exoprimal is just a few days from release, but Capcom has laid out what the next few months will look like for the cooperative shooter. The company detailed some of its upcoming free updates, as well as a future Monster Hunter crossover.

The Exoprimal roadmap goes until Season 3

Exoprimal, Monster Hunter Crossover Announced With Roadmap

Capcom spoke more about Exoprimal’s post-launch roadmap in a recent showcase. Director Takuro Hiraoka talked about the short-term goals for the game first. It will have a new mode at launch that skips the PvP brawl at the end and only scores the teams based on who completed the missions the fastest. Story progress won’t be impacted, but picking the random option that with drop players into PvP or PvP-free matches will get more experience. This was a direct result of player feedback, as some didn’t like to directly fight other humans at the climax of each mission.

Exoprimal’s seasons will be three months long and come with a title update that has new content and another battle pass. A new Savage Gauntlet mode will arrive on July 28, two weeks after Season 1 kicks off. Savage Gauntlet is a challenging weekly PvE mode where five-player teams complete limited-time missions to earn rewards.

The first title update will go live on August 16 and feature 10 Alpha variants of each of the existing suits. These variants have new abilities, weapons, and yield more variety. Season 2 kicks off in mid-October and will have the previously announced Street Fighter 6 crossover, in addition to new rigs and modules, another map, a new final mission, and more.

Season 3 is starting in January 2024 and will introduce Beta variants of every suit and another enemy called the Neo Triceratops, which has multiple horns and calls the “Tri” part of “Triceratops” into question. This season will also introduce a Monster Hunter crossover, but Capcom didn’t divulge any details about it. More information is coming later on, though. It still didn’t tease any Dino Crisis crossovers, however, which players have been consistently asking for.

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