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: F1 Manager 2022 (PS5) – Frontier’s Management Sim Takes Pole Position

Stroll in the park.

Let’s get one thing clear: if you’re searching for a high-speed simulation racer that puts you toe-to-toe with Max Verstappen, F1 Manager 2022 isn’t for you. Marking the first entry in a new F1 Manager series, Frontier Developments takes a different approach from Codemasters’ F1 22, swapping the driver’s seat for the pit wall. More akin to Football Manager, racing management games are a rarity on PlayStation — Motorsport Manager never jumped across — but Frontier’s filling the niche well.

F1 Manager features all ten of F1’s current teams and twenty drivers, each with varying budgets and two objectives from the board. As team principal, our immediate goal regards the constructors’ championship but there are long-term aims too like regular podium finishes. Expectations align with real-world performances, so anyone missing top results for Red Bull won’t last, while Williams is just happy scoring points. Like picking your local side in FIFA, choosing a smaller team and working your way up the ladder feels more rewarding. Unfortunately, you can’t create your own team, so we chose Aston Martin, whose lofty aims involved taking eighth in the constructors’ championship.

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