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FAA confirms you will be able to complete your Remote ID training online starting April 6th

As we reported last December, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) released its final rule for the Remote Identification (Remote ID) of Unmanned Aircraft. The document included a plan to offer a Remote ID recurrent exam for Part 107-certified commercial remote pilots. Testing was supposed to commence on March 1st, but was pushed back to March 16th before experiencing another delay. The Drone Girl recently confirmed with the FAA the exam will now be available to the public starting April 6th.

The new Remote ID recurrent exam will make it easier for Part 107-certified commercial remote pilots to renew their status, without the need to pay for in-person testing. Typically, one would have to pay up to $150 to retest, in person, every 24 calendar months, at a designated facility. In order to pass and remain current, a score of 70% or higher is required. Additionally, optional courses to train for a Part 107 exam plus the recurrent portion, from third party vendors, typically cost anywhere between $99 and $199.

When the Remote ID recurrent exam becomes available on April 6th, Part 107-certified remote pilots will have access to free online training through Once the course is completed, a printable certificate will be administered. Best practices for operating at night are included in the training. This will eliminate the need to apply for the Daylight Operations (107.29) waiver that allows nighttime flights.

Acquiring Part 107 certification means you are able to accept payment for operating drones. Your certification doesn’t expire but it can lapse after 24 calendar months. If you need to renew this month (March), in the next week, you can always wait until Remote ID recurrent training becomes available on the 6th and schedule your next job the day after you plan on completing the course.