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Fall Guys Level Editor Detailed in Season 4 Trailer

When Season 4 of Fall Guys kicks off later this month, it will debut the highly anticipated Fall Guys Level Editor. The editor will allow fans to customize their own levels and rounds they can share.

What’s New in Fall Guys’ Level Editor?

During a recent presentation from developer Mediatonic (via VGC), creative director Joe Walsh spoke about the Fall Guys level editor — which releases on May 10, 2023, alongside Season 4 — praising it as “the single biggest change” that’s ever been made to the game, and something he’s very excited to see the community get their hands on.

“It’s been the single biggest change that we’ve made to the game and it’s really exciting to finally give players the keys to the kingdom basically,” said Walsh.

It won’t just be fans getting to play with it, however. Walsh also revealed that from now on, the development team will building with the Fall Guys level editor as well. According to the creative director, this will allow the team to introduce more content than they could have before, with “over 50 rounds” planned thoroughout the course of Season 4.

“From now on, the dev team at Mediatonic are going to be using the Creative tools to build levels for the game exclusively,” Walsh said. “That means that we can launch more content than we ever have before. With the launch of Season 4, we’re going to be dropping over 50 rounds throughout the course of the season which is way more than we’ve ever managed before.”

Fall Guys’ development will also receive a big boost thanks to how Mediatonic is able to fix issues. Walsh specifically noted that going forward, the team can “start tweaking levels over the air,” and issue updates even faster, which is something he acknowledged had been an issue in the past.

“Another thing that is also really helpful is that for the first time we can start tweaking the levels over the air, so we won’t need to push new updates live to fix bugs, which is a big problem we’ve always had with the game,” said Walsh. “So all of these things are just going to make the content so much richer and so much more varied from this point forwards.”

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