Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Season 6 Gets in a Celebratory Mood Tomorrow, Adds Sackboy Costume


Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Season 6 begins tomorrow, themed on a party spectacular as we head into the holiday season. There will be a host of new levels and new features, including an acrobatic-inspired traversal mechanic, which are due to arrive with Season 6’s kickoff tomorrow, November 30. A Sackboy costume is also being added in a limited time event.

The reveal trailer for Season 6 tries its best to put on a top show. There’s plenty of new costumes to be seen, including a strongman, a ringmaster, clowns, and a seal balancing a beach ball on its nose. There’s also a very, very angry rhino and a very brief glimpse of one of the season’s crossover costumes.

The Party Spectacular theme draws inspiration from festivals, fairgrounds, and the circus. Season 6 brings five new levels and five new obstacles introduced with season 6. Party Promenade is a dash to the finishing line featuring some of the season’s new obstacles like the trapeze to get over those large voids, cannons that fire water balloons, pivot platforms, and vacuum pipes that transport the beans to new parts of the level. Pipe Dream makes full use of the new pipes, but the catch is their destinations change and they may not go to the same place between each round. Then there’s Full Tilt, another dash to the finish line that includes fully tilting table tops, the even more sadistic sequel to the see-saw.

Leading Light is a new type of level. Here players have to stay in the spotlight for as long as possible to earn points, but when there are floor fans as well as tilting and rotating platforms, it was never going to be that easy. The final new round is Air Time where players negotiate an obstacle course above a giant funnel. You need to keep moving to score points but make one wrong move and you’re heading back to the start again.

The first limited time event will include another PlayStation-themed crossover. Sackboy’s Challenge will feature another list of challenges for players to complete in order to earn a Sackboy costume as well as a banner, sticker, nickname and pattern. The event will run from December 1 until December 5.

The new fame path features another 50 new levels to unlock. Rewards will include nameplates, nicknames, colors, patterns, crowns, kudos, a kazoo emote, and unlockable costumes, such as the Carnifaller acrobat, the Chill Vibes hippie, Mr Sealson the aforementioned seal, the 1930’s-inspired Lady Margot, Big Yeetus, and a couple of Ghost of Tsushima Jin Sakai costumes. These costumes will be just some of the more than 25 costumes that will be added with Season 6.

When Season 6 launches tomorrow, players will need to sign up to an Epic Games account to be able to continue playing, however players will get 10 Crowns for doing this. This is so players can have cross-progression between PC and PlayStation 4, a new feature being introduced with Season 6. Players will be asked to choose a primary platform by signing into their Epic Games account on that platform first. As an example, if players sign into PlayStation first, their items like Costumes and Nameplates will be carried over from that platform regardless of where they play. Any Crowns, Shards, or Kudos on the other platforms will need to be used before Season 6 launches tomorrow. To merge costumes and DLC content from different platforms, players will need to get in touch with the game’s Player Support team as soon as they link their Epic Games account to Fall Guys.

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