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: FIFA 22 (PS5) – Football Sim Makes Meaningful Strides on the Pitch

Beautiful game.

The biggest compliment you can pay FIFA 22 is that it feels like real football for once. EA Sports’ soccer simulator still has its fair share of quirks, but at launch the developer has done an outstanding job of upgrading the ball physics and player positioning to make for a much more authentic experience. Add in all of the new animations, enabled by HyperMotion Technology, as well as the complete rewrite to how goalkeepers operate, and you end up with a breath of fresh air for this storied football franchise.

Rather than favour skill moves and dribbling, you’re now going to need to work the ball around if you intend to open defences up. Crossing is a much more viable offensive tactic thanks to the alterations that have been made to aerial balls, while Paul Scholes-esque slices out wide allow you to effectively switch the play, meaning you can use the full width of the pitch to pull defenders out of position. Back lines are compact and – dare we say it – intelligent, working as a unit to keep their shape.

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