Film Fridays: Review & samples: a rehoused Lomo 40mm F4 for Leica M-mount

Photo: 35mmc

Why would you mount a seemingly ‘low quality’ Lomo lens on a fancy/high-end camera like a Leica rangefinder? Why not! There are quite a few affordable third-party Leica M-mount lenses out there, but few with as strange a story/pedigree as the PPP Cosmic 40mm F4.

This rehoused Lomo T-43 lens is priced at ~$350 (USD) and available in super-limited quantities. Its unique ‘character’ may not be for everyone or every occasion, but the samples we’ve seen from our friends at 35mmc look pretty darn cool/dreamy (especially if you like swirly bokeh, interesting flare and somewhat soft rendering).

It’s worth noting there’s no rangefinder coupling, so you’ll have to focus via a distance scale. And the lens will bring up 35mm frame lines when mounted, but also ships with a 3D-printed 40mm viewfinder that attaches via shoe-mount.

Click the link below to read the full review on 35mmc and view full-size samples; we’ve also posted a handful of samples (and product shots) in the gallery below.

Read – 35mmc: PPP Cosmic Lomo T-43 to Leica M-Mount lens conversion review

About Film Fridays: We recently launched an analog forum and in a continuing effort to promote the fun of the medium, we’ll be sharing film-related content on Fridays, including articles from our friends at 35mmc and KosmoFoto.

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