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Final Fantasy 16 Hideaway Offers New HQ Experience

Final Fantasy 16 players will have a new hub experience in the form of Cid’s Hideaway. The Hideaway will offer shops, the ability to upgrade equipment, and access to a training arena so players have somewhere safe to hang out away from the dangers of Valisthea.

The facilities offered at Cid’s Final Fantasy 16 Hideaway

Cid’s Hideaway will be accessible partway through the campaign. Charon’s Toll shop will offer a range of weapons, armor, and consumables for Clive to purchase and take along on his journey. He can also sell unwanted items here too. The Black Hammer blacksmith is run by Blackthorn, who can craft new weapons or armor, as well as upgrading Clive’s existing equipment from materials he has sourced throughout Valisthea.

Players can then access the Arete Stone, which offers a range of different game modes. These include the previously mentioned Arcade Mode, the Hall of Virtue training arena, the ability to replay stages, and a mysterious fourth option that wasn’t revealed during State of Play. The training arena is fully customizable, allowing players to practice against specific enemies and try out their new skills.

The Hunt Board run by the Moogle offers bounties on fierce enemies that need to be slain… for a small reward, of course. Finally, the Hideaway also offers a range of side quests as well as further information on any of quests, people, and lore that can be found around Valisthea. Players will certainly be looking to spend a significant chunk of time here.

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