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Final Fantasy 16 Torgal Is a Good Boy Who Deserves All The Treats

The latest PlayStation State of Play took a moment to celebrate the Final Fantasy 16 Torgal wolf companion who stands alongside Clive throughout the game. (By the way, it’s not “Torkoal” or “Total” or whatever the subtitles for the State of Play said.) Not only will this very good boy help deal extra damage against enemies, but you can feed him treats. And who really would deny this ferocious furball a yummy snack?

Torgal as a puppy is super adorable

According to his officlal entry on the game’s website, Torgal was a pup that was taken in by House Rosfield after Archduke Elwin found him during one of his expeditions in the Northern Territories. The wolf has been waiting for Clive for over a decade, after an incident almost wiped out the Rosfield line, before they finally reunite.

In the showcase, Torgal is revealed as an AI companion who will help Clive in combat by distracting foes and using his claws and jaws to deal extra damage. The player can also directly command him to Sic, Ravage, or Heal.

It looks his command menu takes the same space as the one for potions, so you should be able to flip between these two menus with the flick of a button. There doesn’t seem to be a health gauge for the wolf either, so you may not need to worry about him going down in combat. (Talk about making the game even easier.)

Since Torgal is also seen exploring with Clive on the map, I hope the game also allows you to have him find objects using his nose and dig up treasures. It’s also unclear if you’ll be able to teach the wolf new tricks and attacks at, say, the hideaway, or if there are different treats you can feed him. That said, the most important thing we need to know now is whether we can also give Torgal all of the pets too.

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