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Final Fantasy VII Remake Patch Enables Save Transfer to Intergrade on the PS5

The newly released patch 1.02 for Final Fantasy VII Remake enables save transfer in preparation for the launch of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade for the PlayStation 5. After installing the patch, users will be able to upload their FFVII Remake save data from the PS4 version of the game via an option in the game’s main menu. Afterward, they can download the data onto their PS5 when Intergrade releases, in addition to redeeming the free FFVII Remake Item Pack that comes with both games.

Square Enix notes that, while players will be able to upload as many save files as they wish, they will only be able to upload saves one at a time. Additionally, game settings will not transfer over after save data is downloaded. Trophies will transfer, but users may get “multiple obtainment notifications in quick succession.” So if you’ve obtained the Platinum on the PS4 version, you will instantly unlock the Platinum for Intergrade once you transfer your save.

Owners will also be able to claim a free Final Fantasy VII Remake Item pack upon Intergrade‘s release on June 10, 2021. This item pack will include five accessories, along with the Chocobo Chick, Cactuar, and Carbuncle Summoning Materias in a single DLC package. These items were granted last year through various promotions, including buying Butterfinger candy bars and preordering the game. For those who have already claimed these items for the PS4 version of FFVII Remake, you will need to redownload the item pack after transferring your save data to PS5.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade will be exclusive to the PS5 for “at least six months” according to the game’s official announcement trailer. Along with the PS5 version’s launch will be a special side episode titled EPISODE INTERmission, which will feature fan-favorite Yuffie as a playable character. According to director Tetsuya Nomura, Intergrade will also utilize many of the PS5’s features. It features updated graphics, lighting, and textures as well as new environmental effects such as fog “to further enhance the sense of realism and immersion.”

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade releases exclusively for the PlayStation 5 worldwide on June 10, 2021, for $69.99, which includes the PS5 version of the game and EPISODE INTERmission. Owners of the PS4 version Final Fantasy VII Remake will be able to download the PS5 version for free and transfer their save data. The additional EPISODE INTERmission will be available separately for $19.99, and is not included as part of the free upgrade from the last-gen version.

[Source: Twitter, Gematsu]

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