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Final Fantasy XV Collaboration Event is Coming Back to FFXIV

The Final Fantasy XV collaboration event is returning to FFXIV, giving players who missed the event’s previous run back in 2019 a second chance to obtain the Regalia mount as well as various hairstyles and outfits from FFXV. The event will run from September 13, 2021, to October 18, 2021, as part of the MMORPG’s lineup of events leading up to the launch of Final Fantasy XIV‘s upcoming expansion, Endwalker.

The event quests will be limited to characters who have completed the final main scenario quest for A Realm Reborn titled “The Ultimate Weapon.” After reaching level 50, players can go to Kipih Jakkya in the city of Ul’dah, where the quest “The Man in Black” is available. The event features a total of three quests, each with its own unique rewards. Completing all three quests will award players with Noctis’ full outfit from FFXV. Players who previously completed the questline can also use the Season Event Replay feature to play the quests again—though you won’t receive the rewards on your second run.

Furthermore, Noctis’ hairstyle will also be available at the Golden Saucer along with various orchestrion rolls that play music from FFXV. More importantly, the coveted Regalia mount is making a return as well, in the form of a four-person mount. The car, which the main protagonists of FFXV use in their journey across Eos, is one of the few non-premium mounts in FFXIV that can fit up to four players.

Unfortunately, all of the items aside from Noctis’ outfit will require players to gather a rather sizable amount of Manderfille Gold Saucer points, or MGP. During the event’s previous run the Regalia mount cost a hefty 200,000 MGP, requiring players to participate in various games, daily challenges, and weekly challenges in order to afford it.

You can check out the Final Fantasy XV FFXIV collaboration event trailer below:

The Final Fantasy XIV Final Fantasy XV crossover event kicks off on September 13th.

[Source: FFXIV Website]

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