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Final Sifu Arenas Update Release Date Announced

Final Sifu Update Release Date Announced

Developer Sloclap has supported Sifu since its launch in February 2022, but that support is just about to come to a close. The team announced the final Sifu update release date, giving players an idea when they can tackle the last set of Arena challenges.

Sloclap has gotten multiple free updates since launch

This Sifu update is dropping on September 7 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC (the Nintendo Switch is getting it later). Sloclap released another short trailer about the patch that shows more of the challenge maps coming to the brawler.

Sloclap has already detailed what will be in this patch. It will include two new outfits, six story-inspired arenas, 27 cheats and modifiers, and 75 more challenges, which the studio claims are the toughest in the game. This is a lot more than the first Arenas update, which had 45 challenges. The battles will include familiar characters and “unexpected faces,” as well as zombie-like foes, doppelgängers, and interactive environments that are meant to test the reflexes and “strategic prowess” of the player. Some of the outfits, like many already in the game, are reference to famous films, too.

Sloclap has patched in 12 outfits, 70 modifiers, more difficulty options, a new scoring system, a more involved training mode, a replay editor, and combat trial since launch, which has all added significantly more content to the core experience. Sloclap has not announced what it is working on now that Sifu is on the verge of being wrapped up.

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