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FromSoftware Recruiting for ‘Multiple New Projects’

Photo Credit: Bandai Namco

Dark Souls and Elden Ring developer FromSoftware opens up dozens of job opportunities for a slate of “multiple new projects.”

Originally noticed by IGN Japan, FromSoftware posted dozens of positions on its career website. According to the site, the developer wants to recruit new employees across multiple departments to support “several new projects” it has planned. Interested parties can register on November 30 for more information. Online information sessions about the positions are set to begin in December 2023.

FromSoftware Begins Massive Recruitment

The current job openings listed are as follows:

  • game planner
  • system planner
  • game programmer
  • R&D
  • graphics system
  • server engineer
  • character designer
  • background designer
  • character 3D graphic artist
  • background 3D graphic artist
  • effects artist
  • UI artist
  • motion designer
  • cinematic artist
  • technical artist
  • sound designer/composer
  • Production progress
  • PR/promotion person (advertisement)
  • Graphic designer (advertising/WEB)
  • sales
  • Equipment management and application management assistant
  • QA department manager candidate, title manager, and support
  • In-house IT system construction and operation (infrastructure charge)
  • Sound assistant (part-time job)

It remains unclear what these multiple projects could be. Currently, FromSoftware has Shadow of the Erdtree, the first Elden Ring expansion, in the works. So far, it does not have a release date, with little new information about the title since its announcement in February 2023. Apart from the Elden Ring expansion, FromSoftware has not announced any other titles in development.

Beyond Elden Ring, fans of FromSoftware’s IPs have long requested sequels to its most famous games. The Dark Souls franchise, which began the subgenre of Soulslike games, hasn’t had a new entry since 2016. Another popular title, Bloodborne, is set to hit its tenth anniversary in March, with no sequel thus far announced. Most recently, FromSoftware launched Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon. However, it isn’t clear if the projects could entail some of these titles or might be new IPs.

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