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GDU releases heavily-armored versions of Canon’s RF 16mm F2.8 and RF 50mm F1.8 lenses

If you work in extremely harsh conditions, you might worry that your lenses aren’t tough enough. While manufacturers make lenses that hold up extremely well to most typical usage, if you need something more robust, Global Dynamics United has you covered with its new GDU Armored RF 50mm F1.8 and GDU Armored RF 16mm F2.8 lenses.

Both lenses barely resemble the original Canon RF lenses upon which they’re built. GDU removes all external controls, such as the focus ring and all external switches, and then replaces the outer shell with ‘almost indestructible’ armor machined from billet 6061 aluminum, including a striking red aluminum lens hood that’s bolted to the housing.

GDU Armored RF 16mm F2.8

With the focus ring removed, the camera must perform all focus adjustments automatically. However, the expected use cases for the armored lens include being mounted to a drone, bolted to the side of a helmet, hanging from a mount on a car, or being inside a crash housing, where manual focus wouldn’t be feasible. When mounted on RED cameras, focus and aperture are controllable using RED CONTROL.

Presumably, wrapping the lenses in a metal exterior changes the weight of the lenses compared to the stock versions, but GDU doesn’t publish any changes to dimensions or weight. There’s a big change to the price, however. The RF 16mm F2.8, which is normally $299, is $599 for the GDU Armored version. The RF 50mm F1.8, which is currently on sale for $160, down from $200, is $499 from GDU.

GDU Armored RF 50mm F1.8

The GDU Armored lenses are an interesting product that surely has appeal for a specific group of creators. If you’re putting your gear in intense situations, paying roughly double for an armored lens could be a wise investment. For more information, visit Global Dynamics United.